Prof. Dr. Omar Masood

Leading advisor and trainer in area of economy, privatisation process, financial risk management, Islamic banking to countries, financial institutions as well as academic institutions.

“Prof. Dr. Omar Masood” is the CEO / OM International Private Limited; he is an internationally renowned educationist and private equity expert. Prof. Masood has over 20 years experience of teaching, consultancy, administrative roles in some of the leading universities and financial institutions in the world. He is former Director of the Centre of Islamic Banking and Finance at the Royal Docks Business School, University of East London, United Kingdom. He has worked as financial advisor in areas of risk and private equity to institutions like HSBC and Goldman Sachs. He has also advised leading technology companies like Intel and Microsoft. Prof. Masood, is the lead advisor and trainer in the area of Islamic banking and finance worldwide to financial as well as academic institutions. He is a lead advisor on finance, economy, education (curriculum / skills development) and banking for Saudi Arabian, Malaysian, Turkish and UK Governments.

Prof. Masood, is the author of ten books with leading publishers; three of them have been “International Best Selling” including “Truth about the Global Financial Crisis” and “Multiplying Money through Financial Management”.