Q-1.The invoice received for the education fee mentioning much higher rate than the open market?

Ans. The exchange rate charged in the invoice is interbank rate or transactional rate which is always higher around 2.5 to 3 Rupees per USD than the open market rate.
Q-2. I have taken admission in Fast Track (Bachelor in Accounting/MBA) which will be completed as described in 1 year whereas the Offer letter received from the university mentioning program duration 5/2 years.
Ans. The program is being offered to the students after mapping of the subjects and credit hours which they have already studied in their existing accounting certification. The base program offering by the university is for five years so the offer letter issued by the university will always bearing the education years as per base program.
Q-3. Is the fee offered by the University for the Program includes everything?

Ans. This would only be education fee and after completion of programs or degree an additional charged will be applicable on account of Virtual Convocation and Issuance of Degree and Transcript as per the prevailing price charged by the University.
Q-4. What is our rating in Pakistan?
Ans. HEC does not rank international universities on their website-international university ranking available on UNESCO website.
Q-5. Our Degree is accepted by HEC Pakistan?
Answer. Yes HEC Letter is attached on website
                Link: HEC Letters OM – OM International
Q-6. International& national ranking of university
Ans. UNESCO ranking list (3rd No)
Q-7. Process of receive degree.
Ans. First completion letter will be issued after one to two month of result release then degree and transcript will be issued.
Q-8. How we will get details of lecture?
Ans. This is self-study program, all subject material details and assignments are available on MYPLS portal. This degree is designed for professionals as per their busy time schedule and commitment exams will be held on weekends.
Q-9. After fee submission. How much time it takes for registration.
Ans. It takes at least 2 week for registration Matric NO issuance after first year fee submission
Q-10 When result will be released after exams.
Ans. After exams it takes 6 to 8 weeks for result release.
Q-11 When completion certificate will be issued after result release.
Ans. Completion certificate will be issued within two months after result release upon senate approval. If student will be required to take APEL-C then he will need to wait till all subject clearance with pass status




Extra charges will be applied on below given cases as per AEU, standard policy/ costs

Deferment, re-registration, late submission of assignment, assignment deadline extension, failure (or missed exam) high plagiarism, wrong assignment submission (e.g pervious semester), late fee charges applied on late fee payment, convocation charges, APEL C failure (registration of courses), late portfolio submission charges.
Urgent transcript issuance, degree postal, printing charges will be applied as per prevailing rates and university policy.
English Language Proficiency Letter (EPL), Bonafede letter and completion letter request charges will be applied.
Physical and virtual convocation charges will be applied after degree completion
Charges will be applied on Degree extra copies issuance of for any attestation purposes.