Dr. Noshaba

Naushaba Anjum is a Clinical Psychologist and Researcher by Profession.Her areas of specialization include Motivation, Counselling, Personal development, Leadership, Training and development, Coaching and Mentoring, Anger, Stress and Time Management,Spirituality, Meditation,Mindset Shifts, Body/Mind/Soul, and Negotiation.She also offers her consultation services through leading TV channels in Pakistan.

Naushaba belongs to a political/ business family of Potohar Region. After completing her Master degree in Psychology, she got a professional clinical certification and started working in Peshawar. She worked at Hayatabad Medical Complex and DOST Foundation (NGO) with drug abuse homeless children.

She also actively participated in the development of peace, harmony, mental health and women empowerment program. She voluntarily offered her counseling services to the victims of APS students in Peshawar.Currently she is a leading consultant in two major hospitals of Islamabad.